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Moreton Bay Marine National Park is home to a abundant of marine life. Come and discover the magic right here on Brisbane's doorstep.

Marine Life of Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay Marine Park is one of Queensland’s most important natural, recreational cultural and economic resources.

To conduct whale watching tours from the Brisbane area, you require a permit from the government and Brisbane Whale Watching holds one of only 3 permits granted to this region. This means no waiting on other vessels whilst you are with the whales!

Although Brisbane Whale Watching GUARANTEE’S the sightings of the magnificent Humpback Whales, the Moreton Bay Marine Park is teaming with abundance of other marine life that can be viewed on board.

Did you know

  • Little or no sense of smell or taste
  • A very sensitive skin that is easily sunburned
  • Remarkable eyes with strong muscles that change the shape of the lens so they can see in the air or underwater
  • Incredible hearing ranging over many kilometres for navigation, communication and finding food
  • Calls or songs that travel hundreds of kilometres
  • Pectoral fins that are ten times longer than your arm
  • Flukes that often feature black and white markings on the underside which can be used to identify individual whales
  • The longest and most varied sign in the animal kingdom
  • An average weight of 45 tonnes which is about 1000 children together
  • An average length of 15 to 17 metres which is about 10 adults lying head to foot
  • An eye the size of a grapefruit
  • A belly button
  • Calves that are fed daily over 400 litres of rich milk which is the consistency of condensed cream
  • An expelled breath or ‘blow’ that reaches a speed of between 300 – 500 kilometres per hour as it exist through the blowhole

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Transfers from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are available. Tours commence Saturday the 8th of June 2024 through to November. Departing Redcliffe 7 days per week.

Some common visitors

Sea Turtles

Six of the seven species of sea turtles in the world are found in Moreton bay. The green and loggerhead turtle are the most common and are permanent residents.


Eight species of dolphin have also been recorded in the Marine Park including two resident species; the bottlenose and the Indo-Pacific hump-back dolphin.


Moreton Bay’s dugongs are commonly found in large herds of about 100 animals. The Moreton Bay area is also the most southern limit they are found.

Bird Life

Approximately 3,500 resident shorebirds representing 10 different species breed in and around Moreton Bay.


Morton Bay Marine Park is home to over a thousand species of fish.


Hammerhead sharks and the threatened grey nurse sharks all call the marina home.


The most common whale sighting in Moreton Bay is the beloved Humpback Whale. On occasions we also sight the Minke Whale and the Southern Right Whale

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