Brisbane Whale Watching


There’s nothing like seeing whales swimming and playing, breaching and nurturing their young in the clear, warm waters of Moreton Bay. It creates a sense of joy and wonder, along with a fierce desire to protect these beautiful creatures.

We feel that too. That’s why we work so hard to ensure our presence helps rather than hinders.

Our environmental policy

Brisbane Whale Watching’s environmental policy, governed by our Environmental Management Plan, commits us to:

  • Uphold and comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • Monitor and record the Humpback Migration through the Moreton Bay Marine Park region
  • Undertake continual improvements toward ecological sustainability through best-practice techniques
  • Ensure our operation does not create any long-term environmental impacts.
Meet the whale
Whale Sightings and Latest Cruises

Eye-Spy - the best boat for whale wellbeing

What causes the biggest environmental impact when whale watching? The boat you choose to go on. That’s what sets Brisbane Whale Watching apart from our competitors.

Captain Kerry realised that fact over 20 years ago. And so she invested millions into the creation of a custom-built catamaran – the Eye-Spy – that would have a minimal environmental impact.

Eye Spy Vessel
The Eye-Spy has received a rare endorsement from Dr Rob McCauley of Curtin University’s Centre for Marine Science and Technology.
Eye Spy was originally built locally right here in Brisbane in 2003 however in 2024 she has recently undergone a major Environmental repower with 4 new engines and 2 new gearboxes. The Eye-Spy is full of unique, environmentally friendly features which has now labeled her as a 'green, clean vessel.'
Whale-friendly, low-noise propellers minimise underwater noise, while electronically controlled engines reduce fuel usage and exhaust emissions, making them environmentally friendly to all marine life.

Highly advanced fuel control engines designed to minimise fuel consumption when idling beside the whales for long periods

Incredible hearing ranging over many kilometres

Able to avoid disturbing noise changes because our fantastic panoramic viewing decks minimise  the need to manoeuvre the boat

underwewater noise

Engines decoupled from the hull using flexible mounts to reduce underwater noise and vibration

The Eye-Spy is also a very large boat. That’s a good thing! It means we can welcome a large number of guests on board for the same journey. Unlike our competitors, we don’t have to run numerous small vessels again and again throughout the day.

Instead, we bring you all aboard a luxurious, spacious, purpose-built boat for a stunning experience with minimal environmental impact.

The Eye-Spy is designed for our environment and marine life Lowest possible carbon emission, best possible view
MV Eye-Spy

Managing the Eye-Spy respectfully and responsibly

Having invested in the right boat, we also ensure that we use it appropriately. That includes: 


Travelling at a slow speed of less than 6 knots

An expelled breath or ‘blow’ that reaches a speed of between 300 – 500 kilometres per hour as it exists through the blowhole

Not creating a wake within caution zones

Remarkable eyes with strong muscles

Not entering no-approach zones


Shutting down engines, disengaging gears or withdrawing from the no-approach zone if the whales approach us

Flukes that often feature black and white markings on the underside which can be used to identify individual whales

Gently withdrawing from the caution zone if a marine mammal shows signs of disturbance

Pectoral fins that are ten times longer than your arm

Maintaining the 3-boat rule

Captain Kerry

Staff training

Before starting work (and again before every season) our whole staff engages in mandatory environmental training.

Excellent sea-keeping qualities make travelling to and from the whales both comfortable and enjoyable.

Environmental characteristics of the tour


Minimising potential environmental impacts


Responding to potential environmental emergencies (grounding or collisions)

Minimising lunch waste

In 2021, we identified that our biggest onboard wastage came from the lunch buffet. It came wrapped in plastic and there was always a significant amount of leftover food since it was difficult to judge how much food to order on any given day.

To improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint, we replaced our buffet lunch with individual picnic lunchboxes which have been a massive hit with passengers as it also gives the flexibility to enjoy their lunch at their leisure.

Minimising lunch waste
Benefits of a picnic lunchbox
- Reduced food wastage by more than 50%
- All packaging and cutlery are 100% recyclable bamboo
It’s a really tasty lunch too!
Learn from Kerry

All aboard for a sustainable tour

We go above and beyond to promote sustainability. That includes:

  • Introducing additional recycling bins and signage on the vessel to promote recycling
  • Donating all recyclable glass, bottles, cans etc to a local Scouts group
  • Encouraging ticket holders to use electronic boarding passes rather than printing tickets
  • Offering a shuttle service to reduce transport emissions
  • Treating our black water and grey water tanks with a biodegradable solution.

Being a force for good in Moreton Bay

Brisbane Whale Watching is the only whale-watching venture departing from the main land permitted to operate in Moreton Bay Marine Park and one of only three commercial businesses allowed to do so. As such, we take this responsibility incredibly seriously and go above and beyond to ensure that we not only do our part for the environment and Moreton Bay but to educate and promote awareness and sustainable practices for our passengers and guests.

We are committed to ensuring that our tour is undertaken in a manner that exceeds all environmental and regulatory requirements and best practices.