What To Expect From A Whale Watching Tour

Wondering what to expect from a whale watching tour? There's no doubt some tours are better organised than others. But the main thing to expect is obvious– whales! Big whales. Beautiful whales. Leaping, breaching, blowing, frolicking and tale slapping whales.

A whale watching tour with Brisbane Whale Watching at Redcliffe, just 30 minutes from Brisbane's CBD, has a 100% guarantee that you will see whales on your tour. There's also an underwater microphone that allows you to listen to the whales while they grunt, moan and sing. The tours run only in peak whale watching season and feature so many unique vantage points that you won't miss a thing!

But there are other things you can expect from an awesome whale watching tour.

Abundant marine life

Moreton Bay is filled with an abundance of marine life in addition to the majestic whales. On your whale watching tour, keep an eye out for some of these!

Sea turtles

There are only 7 species of sea turtle throughout the world and 6 of them can be found in the marine park. The two most commonly sighted sea turtles are the green and loggerhead turtle.


8 different species of dolphin have been spotted in the marine park and there are 2 permanent residents, the bottlenose and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin.


Dugongs are also commonly sighted, swimming in large herds of around 100.


Hammerhead sharks and grey nurse sharks make their home in the marine park.


There are over a thousand species of fish in the marine park. Can you find Nemo?


Bird lovers – bring your binoculars! There are at least 10 species to spot, making up around 3500 resident shore birds.

Comfort and style

While the kids are leaping for joy after spotting a pod of dolphins and joining in the whale song, adults can kick back and watch whales in style. The "Eye Spy" catamaran is the ultimate luxury vessel for whale and marine life watching. There's a top level sun deck and a 360 degree walk around the upper and lower decks. If you decide that the comfort of a reverse cycle air conditioned cabin is more your style, you can relax and still see whales, dolphins and much more from inside. There's also a fully licensed bar stocked with local and imported beer and wine.

Amazing learning experience

Captain Kerry Lopez, the "Eye Spy's" captain is an encyclopaedia of knowledge on whales, their environment and the Moreton Bay Marine Park. Her love of these gentle giants of the sea shines through as she shares everything she knows on each and every whale watching cruise.

There's one other thing to expect from your whale watching tour — a great big infectious smile that we promise will brighten yours and your family's heart for a long time to come. You can't help but be filled with joy after witnessing whales in their natural environment. And if you're lucky enough to spot a baby whale with their mother, Captain Kerry lets the children on board name the baby!

Now you know what to expect on your whale watching cruise, all that's left to do is contact Brisbane Whale Watching to book your cruise and have a whale of a time!

Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
28 September 2015