Turn Whale Watching Into Whale Sightings

Before you step out for a spot of whale watching, be prepared and know what to look for!

Whether you are watching from your favourite oceanic lookout, boat or on-board a whale watching cruise, you don’t want to miss the amazing experience of whale sightings. Every year majestic Humpback whales migrate by the thousands for breeding season to north Queensland, from June through to early November. This is your best chance at seeing them display their aerobatic beauty. Here is how you can ensure you don’t miss out!

How to spot a whale

There are several signs to watch out for in the distance that will see you sighting the forty tonne giants and their pods. They include:

Whale Sightings with Brisbane Whale Watching

1. Movement

Look for disturbances and splashes in the water. These will appear, disappear and be combined with continuous surface breaks in the sea.

2. Lobtailing

Listen for loud claps that could lead to a pod of Humpback whales lobtailing. This is when whales slap their enormous fins against the water’s surface to intimidate, impress or simply communicate.

3. Blows

This is one the most exciting and obvious hints that whales are swimming close by. Look for puffs of smoke-like water from the shore or boat as these are easily visible from a distance. Blows are fountains of water spouting from a whale’s blowhole each time it breathes.

4 Breaching

Once you have spotted a whale you don’t want to lose it. Tracking them in the water once they have breached plays a crucial part in witnessing more sightings, as breaching most commonly occurs when the whales are in groups. You can track them by looking for immense clouds of bubbles and underwater disturbances after a breach.

It is important to remember that you need to respect whales and their habitat. They are beautiful and intriguing but they should not be bothered. For more information on minimising disturbances see these guidelines.

Whale sightings are an amazing experience that should be enjoyed by everyone. These tips will help you and your family witness amazing giant whales frolicking in the ocean.

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Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
15 July 2015