Top 5 Reasons to Choose Brisbane Whale Watching at Redcliffe

There are many reasons to choose Brisbane Whale Watching at Redcliffe but we've narrowed it down to these top 5 that'll ensure you have a whale of a time!

-Whale sightings 100% guaranteed.

-Adults at kids' prices tour deals.

-Located 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD.

-Travel in style on Australia's 5 star whale watching vessel.

-Captain Kerry Lopez, the only female captain operating a whale watching adventure in the South Pacific Rim.

Whale sightings 100% guaranteed

On a Brisbane Whale Watching cruise it's not a case of "if" you see a whale but rather how many whales you'll see and what they're up too when you spot them. That's a guaranteed smile as you watch these inquisitive and playful gentle giants in their awe-inspiring displays of grace and power. You'll be talking about seeing hump back whales leaping out of the ocean and slapping the surface with their enormous fins and tail flukes for weeks, months and years to come.

Adults at kids' prices tour deals

Join a Brisbane Whale Watching cruise on an adults at kids' prices tour deal. You get the same 5 star travelling experience on the luxurious "Eye Spy" catamaran for nearly 5 hours of whale watching fun for the same price as a child. Lunch is not included in this great deal, however, there's a licensed bar and snack counter available if the excitement of watching whales leap and cavort leaves you feeling peckish. Book your adults at kids' prices tour deal with Brisbane Whale Watching and be prepared to be awed by the spectacular hump back whales in Redcliffe's Moreton Bay.

Located 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD

You don't need to travel outside of Brisbane to see whales. Brisbane Whale Watching have cruises departing from Redcliffe Jetty at 10am and returning at 2.30pm every single day during whale watching season, June through to November. Coach transfers are available from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Travel in 5 star style

Ever wondered how the other half watch whales? Now you can experience it for yourself thanks to the "Eye Spy". Forget the slow, chugging, old wooden vessels that come to mind when you think of whale watching tours, the "Eye Spy" is Australia's ultimate 5 star whale watching vessel.

Not only is the "Eye Spy" an air conditioned, high speed luxury catamaran, she's also at the forefront in whale and environmentally friendly technology. Built in Brisbane, the "Eye Spy" features low noise skewback propellers, low wash characteristic hull design and the latest MTU 2000 V16 series diesel engines. The result is reduced underwater noise and vibration for the whales and reduced fuel consumption along with the ability of the engines to sit idle for long periods without fouling. All of this means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching whales without a guilty conscience.

Captain Kerry Lopez

If you automatically think of a ship's captain as a crusty old sea dog you're in for a BIG surprise when you first board a Brisbane Whale Watching cruise and meet Captain Kerry.

After witnessing her first pod of Humpback whales in Moreton Bay in 1990, Captain Kerry has worked tirelessly to promote public awareness of the need to preserve the whales and their environment. She holds one of only two commercial whale watching permits in the Moreton Bay region. Captain Kerry is an absolute wealth of knowledge about the humpback whales that you'll see on a Brisbane Whale Watching cruise from Redcliffe.

If these top 5 reasons to choose Brisbane Whale Watching at Redcliffe aren't quite enough, they also donate a portion of every ticket sold to whale research around the world.

For more information on booking a whale watching cruise contact the crew at Brisbane Whale Watching today.

Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
01 August 2015