The Most Exciting Thing To Do In Redcliffe With The Kids Is…

Did you have a holiday spot that your family went to once a year when you were a child? Did you go camping, stay at a caravan park or in the same apartment every time you went? Do you remember the weather and how you played with your cousins outdoors until it was starting to get dark? If you are looking for this kind of experience for your own kids, you need look no further than Redcliffe.

Redcliffe is the perfect place to combine nostalgia with brand new experiences, creating memories that last a lifetime. When it comes to exciting holiday ideas that the whole family can enjoy, you really can't go past getting out onto gorgeous Moreton Bay.

And while you're there, the most exciting thing to do in Redcliffe with kids is whale watching. Without a doubt, this is an experience that will take their breath away!

What will we see on a whale watching adventure?

Jump aboard and play a game of 'eye spy' with your kids. The suspense will be overshadowed by sheer delight as they spot beautiful Humpback whales in pristine, clear waters. And you won't just see them, you'll fall in love with them as they flick their tails, leap about and splash back into the ocean.

The exhilarating rush of being on a boat with a group of people, looking out across the sea, waiting to spot their first whale, is simply priceless.

What else is exciting about whale watching?

This could be your child's first time on a big boat or their first time wearing a life jacket. They'll learn about water safety and the excitement of being out at sea!

They'll also learn all about this beautiful creature and the sea life of the Moreton Bay in the best way possible – up close and personal.

Seeing these creatures in their natural environment will encourage children to become responsible adults who believe in being caretakers of animals in the sea. Discussing the effects of litter and pollution on sea animals as they watch these happy, sea giants will certainly get them thinking.

Why choose whale watching?

With so many holiday choices out there, you might not have whale watching on the top of your list, but now's the time for a rewrite! This is one of the most unique and memorable experiences that your children will ever have. What's more, it's just as exciting and rewarding for adults.

Brisbane's Whale Watching tours depart daily from June to November. Give your kids an experience they won't forget and start a holiday tradition they can get nostalgic over years from now.

For more information on booking a whale watching cruise contact the crew at Brisbane Whale Watching today.

Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
23 July 2015