Seasickness Tips that Work – don't let seasickness stop you meeting the whale of your dreams

Seasickness is not much fun, but spending time with whales is. So we’ve put together our best seasickness tips to help you enjoy your whale watching experience in the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

The Eye Spy catamaran you’ll be on board for your whale watching adventure is HUGE and very stable, which can help to minimise seasickness for many people. The waters of the Moreton Bay Marine Park are also sheltered from the big ocean swells by North Stradbroke and Moreton islands.

Travacalm Original and Travacalm HO

Travacalm Original is a combination of an antihistamine (dramamine) and hyoscine, which is one of the most effective medications for nausea and seasickness. Both tend to make people drowsy so there is also added caffeine to stop you falling asleep. Many seasoned travellers recommend the following protocol as a top tip for avoiding seasickness: take one Travacalm Original as soon as you wake up and then another 30 minutes before boarding the boat.

Travacalm HO contains only hyoscine and no caffeine or antihistamine and is not as long-lasting as Travacalm Original. It can make you drowsy, but is a better option if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

Both Travacalm Original and Travacalm HO are available over the counter with no prescription from pharmacies and can be used with children four years and older. Both tend to produce a dry mouth and you shouldn’t drink alcohol while using these medications.

Please talk to your pharmacist or doctor about the best way to use Travacalm Original and Travacalm HO and whether they are the best option for you.

Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger

Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger is a concentrated ginger supplement that can offer non-drowsy relief from seasickness. Ginger is a longstanding, traditional treatment for all kinds of nausea due to its settling effect on the stomach. It can be used with children six years and older. Take three Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger tablets the morning of your whale watching tour, another two 30 minutes before boarding the boat and then two every two hours for the duration of the trip.

Magnetic acupressure wrist bands

Most seasoned boating travellers will use these bands, which are available from most pharmacies in addition to either Travacalm or Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger.

What to eat and drink

One of the most effective seasickness tips is to choose your foods wisely the day before as well as the day you’re out on the water. Avoid alcohol and rich, heavy, greasy foods in general, especially the night before. The day of your whale watching tour, avoid milk and orange juice. Snack regularly on plain, dry foods, such as bread and biscuits, to keep your stomach full.

It’s also a good idea to check out the weather forecast for the days that you’d like to get out on the water to meet some whales. We also will re-schedule a trip if we believe the weather to be too unpleasant for whale watching.

Contact the friendly staff at Brisbane Whale Watching who will help you plan the best days for travelling and can give great seasickness tips to ensure you get to meet the whale of your dreams

Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
15 September 2015