Humpback Whale Facts for Kids

There are so many amazing facts kids can learn about humpback whales. Not only are they the world’s largest mammal but during their migration from Antarctica to the east coast of Australia, nature lovers are given the opportunity to witness so much about these easily identifiable animals. And if you decide to go on a whale watching tour, you are guaranteed to see it all first hand. Here are just some of the cool facts about humpback whales.

Humpback whales are acrobats

The humpback whale is considered to be the most active whale and is famous for its acrobatic moves. Given the name humpback because of the way they arch their back just before they dive, they are identified by their large flippers, big tail and hump-shaped back. Watch them breaching, or jumping high out of the water witness their tail slap with full force into the ocean. The sound and spectacular sight is simply incredible and can be seen from a whale-watching cruise.

Whales breathe air like we do

Humpback whales have two blowholes and because they breathe air like we do, they need to come to the surface of the water to breathe. They can hold their breath for over half an hour, and you can often see a large spurt of water from their blowhole as they prepare to take a breath.

The whale song

Amazingly, male humpback whales communicate by singing. They are the noisiest whales and make a range of sounds from high-pitched squeals to low, rumbling gurgles. Their songs can be repeated many times and research indicates that males sing their famous whale song to attract females during the breeding season.

Whales are affectionate

When females give birth to their young, they continue to swim very close to their calves and are very affectionate. On a whale watching tour, you’ll get the opportunity to watch the humpbacks touching each other with their flippers with what appears to be genuine gestures of affection.

Humpback whales do not have teeth

The humpback whale does not have any teeth. They have baleen plates, which have bristles attached to them, and act like a giant sieve, straining food from the water. This allows their main diet of krill to be easily captured.

Humpback whales are incredibly large mammals and during their migration, offer visitors to the east coast of Australia the opportunity to see many of these features first hand. On a whale watching tour, you’ll be guaranteed to not only watch the humpback whales swimming but also witness much of their natural behavior for yourself.

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Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
08 July 2015