How to Prepare Children for a Whale Watching Trip PLUS a Free Bingo Printable!

Whale watching is one of the most exciting and memorable occasions for kids and adults alike! Spotting the marvellous giant humpback whale in its natural habitat and watching as it brings nearly its entire body out of the water, then breaches with an epic splash is a sight you won’t forget.

If your child or class is about to head on a whale watching trip, there are a few things you can do to prepare them for the adventure and help to ensure they don’t miss a thing! There are a few ways listed below as well as a FREE whale watching bingo printable!

What will they see?

Talk to your child or class about what they might see on their trip. While humpback whales are an obvious answer, there is so much more to a whale watching trip! Beautiful bird life and other sea creatures can also be seen during a whale watching trip. Have your child do some research and look at photos of curlews or the Terek sandpiper so they know what they are when they see them in person! You can also find some fast facts about the humpback whale here.

What will they do?

Children will need to wear a life jacket on the boat. If they haven’t worn one before, it might be a good idea to discuss what they are and why we wear them. Talk about getting on and off a big boat and what it might feel like being at sea! They also might like to play some games like ‘I spy’ or the whale watching bingo printable below.

What will they need?

Ensure you dress your child comfortably and pack a jacket. The breeze can be a little cool when you are at sea! Catering is available onboard.

What activities can they do to be prepared?

Games like bingo, memory or snap can all be played before a trip to allow children to familiarise themselves with the sea creatures they might see. For older children, research projects and sea dioramas are also a great way to gain knowledge about sea life.

Whale watching is sure to take your child’s breath away! Brisbane Whale Watching offers a 100% guarantee of whale sightings. Contact us for your next family or class trip today.

Download your FREE Brisbane Whale Watching Whale Bingo ! Simply save the jpg, print and take on board to see who can make a line on their bingo board first!

Whale Watching Bingo for kids!

Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
01 April 2016