Give a Gift They'll Never Forget!

Don’t settle on giving any old gift. Make sure it is something they will remember forever!

Finding the perfect present for your friends and family can be difficult. Does anyone really need more ‘stuff’? One of the coolest options nowadays is to forget the shopping and give them an adventure to remember instead. There are some fantastic experience gifts available in Brisbane that will have everyone talking for months to come!

Whale watching gift certificates

Whale watching is an amazing experience that can enjoyed by all; regardless of your age, day job or sporting interests. As a result of whale lovers being so versatile, a gift voucher is the perfect present! Suitable recipients and celebrations may include:

Family gifts

From infants to adults this is the perfect way to spend quality family time together. Invite the grandparents along on a whale watching cruise to say thank you for their unwavering love throughout the year, or celebrate a child’s birthday in an unforgettable way. Three generations of family can be inspired by the amazing humpback whales.

Something special for Dad

Father’s Day in Australia conveniently falls within the whale migration season! Give Dad a whale watching experience out on the ocean that includes a gourmet buffet lunch.


The whale watching cruise boat is large and expertly designed, providing a comfortable ride with calmer than average sea movements. It’s wheelchair accessible, fully catered and fitted out with toilets and a range of viewing options. A whale trip is the perfect gift for the older generation.

Weddings and special celebrations

The peak time for wedding celebrations in Australia is September, which coincides with the peak whale watching period (June – November). What a memorable way to celebrate the occasion and give guests an unforgettable experience in the process! A whale watching trip could be a bonding activity for interstate guests, a hens or bucks day with a difference or a special gift for the special couple.

Thank you gifts

Kind friends and family who help you out when you need it most are typically the type of people who don’t expect anything in return. Surprising them with this gift will show your appreciation in a memorable way. Why not join them on the trip for a special day out?

Backpacker buddies

Backpackers and friends who are travelling Australia are hard to buy gifts for. They don’t need any extra weight in their bags! A whale watching gift certificate gives them an extra adventure experience they may not have thought of, or may not be able to afford. Imagine the photos they can share with the family back home!

The inspiring venture of witnessing a magical ocean giant up close and personal is worth more than words than say. Make their day by giving them one of the best experience gifts in Brisbane!

Book exciting experience gifts in Brisbane today! A gift voucher from Brisbane Whale Watching is the perfect present for any occasion.

Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
10 August 2015