Annual Visitors

What a fantastic thing it is to observe individual humpbacks migrating yearly, to see some of our favourites year after year is very special given that when they leave Moreton Bay they are subjected to a long 10.000 kilometre round journey with many obstacles along the way.

Mad Maggie is missing her dorsal fin, Marbles is a very unique whale with marbled patterns throughout his girth, Billy is all black on the underside and very acrobatic, Razor back is a whale that was injured by a ships propeller, and Stitches has markings all the way up the middle of his fluke that looks like he has been stitched up but they are natural markings.

As the mothers and calves continue arriving over the next two months it will be fun naming all the newborns and identifying their individual markings.

Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
06 September 2014