Adventure Activities Brisbane

Whale watching is one of those brilliant adventure activities the whole family can enjoy, particularly in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay. With stunning scenery, knowledgeable and entertaining boat crews, and the amazing whales themselves, you and your family are sure to have an unforgettable day out.

Why go whale watching?

With nearly 13 million people going whale watching every year globally, it’s obvious that it’s an incredibly popular activity. But why are we so endlessly fascinated by whales?

Firstly, you never forget the joy of seeing your first whale. The impact on you is so huge and, after that, it’s addictive! Many people make an annual pilgrimage to the ocean just for whale watching season. You’ll glide majestically through the water on the boat, the salty sea air in your face, ocean spray on your skin, and your eyes pointed at the water line ready for your first whale sighting.

Secondly, the whales make the experience even more thrilling by putting on a show. With acrobatic displays of astonishing agility, you’ll be so glad you bought your camera. You’ll be up close and personal as their tails and fins slap the surface. There’s really nothing quite like it.

Lastly, the captains on board a whale watching vessel provide entertaining and informative commentary, and advise you about other marine life like dolphins, turtles and sea birds. Your kids will come away with a whole new understanding of ocean life.

Why are whales so fascinating?

What is it about these creatures that we can’t get enough of? Put simply, we’re awed by their sheer size, their incredible intelligence, and the trust they seem to show us when we enter their territory.

The sheer size of whales is mind-boggling. Just imagine sitting in a small boat alongside a creature as long as a commercial jet and you’ll have some idea of what you’ll experience on a whale watching tour.

Human beings are only just starting to comprehend just how intelligent whales are, too. They form strong, unique bonds with their babies. They sing to one another. Scientists have been able to recognise different songs for different family groups. Some species of whales even have specific songs or names for individual members of their pod.

Finally, the level of trust that whales seem to put in humans is astounding. We’ve hunted them without mercy, almost to extinction. And yet, they seem to have forgiven us, and even come up to boats to greet us like old friends.

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Kerry Lopez

Captain of the Eye Spy
17 August 2015